Supernova magazine vol 7.2


In this issue:

  • Tidal Pools
  • The Seven Wonders
  • Hidden Pictures
  • Edible Insects
  • The Colour Blue
  • Autodidacts
  • Chapman’s Peak
  • I wanna be… a Botanist
  • Travel to Taiwan
  • Traditional Taiwanese steamed buns
  • Malala
  • Holiday Adventures
  • Mosaic
  • Reviews and more

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Put on your goggles and dive in!

This issue of Supernova magazine takes you down to the mysteries of the not so deep. We also try out some new things… like eating insects. We’re always up for new experiences, but eating insects is a big step! Would you really want to eat something with six legs and a face? Luckily, one can grind insects down into a powder and then use that as a dough for bread or pizza (or blue dye). That doesn’t sound so bad. The point is that we need to plan for the future of our species. Look at what happened to the wonders of the ancient world. The only ones standing today are the Pyramids of Giza. All others have been lost to time. It goes to show that even the great societies should have worked a little harder on sustainability! Find out about all these fascinating topics in this issue.

Editorial: Benoit Knox and Alexander Moolman
ISBN: 9772224144204-00603
Genre: Children’s Magazine
Ages: 9-14


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