Supernova magazine vol 7.3

In this issue:

  • Wild Dogs
  • Mission to Mars
  • The Giants of the Ocean
  • The Slave Trade
  • Conlangs
  • Mongolia
  • Be a Make-up Artist
  • Comics
  • Rope Skipping
  • Paper Art

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We’re going to Mars!

It’s the next frontier for human exploration. To get to Mars, we need to harness our greatest minds, our most powerful technologies and our bravest astronauts. It’s an incredible adventure, but before we lift off altogether, let’s not forget the wonders that remain back on our home planet. There are still many mysteries that beckon us to dive deep underwater and explore unknown depths or venture into the wilderness to discover new lifeforms. There’s as much to discover on our planet as there is in outer space. Whenever we think we’ve discovered it all, there’s always a new mystery lurking just beyond.

Editorial: Benoit Knox and Alexander Moolman
ISBN: 9772224144204-00603
Genre: Children’s Magazine
Ages: 9-14

Supernova, the mag for curious kids is an educational magazine, targeted at children between the ages of 9 and 14. This bi-monthly publication aims to make children aware of issues which affect them, their community and the environment, by giving them tools and inspiration to become active and responsible world citizens.

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