Supernova magazine vol 6.3


In this issue:

  • Honey Badgers
  • Nanobots
  • Mapungubwe
  • Patterns in Nature
  • The Solar System
  • I Wanna Be… a Golf Course Constructor
  • Bhutan
  • Reach Your Potential
  • River Boarding
  • Land Art
  • and more

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It’s true:
Dynamite does indeed come in small packages.
I like to think that Supernova and I are like honey badgers. I’m also small like a honey badger and (hopefully) cute, but I can certainly be a big ball of fire.
Supernova may be able to fit in your bag, but it’s exploding with tons of awesome stuff!

The honey badger
Honey badgers may look cute and fluffy, but don’t mess with these tough guys!

Handy honey
Honey is a natural moisturiser and has antiseptic properties, so it’s a great natural way to keep your skin soft, smooth and germ free.

It always overwhelms me how fast technology is developing. Nanobots may only be a concept now, but not so long ago, so were smartphones and tablets. Now look where we are!
Nanobots may be a very important part of our future. Read more about this interesting technology in this issue.

I love a good mystery. There’s so much we can still learn about this ancient Limpopo kingdom.

Patterns in nature
The natural world is full of beautiful patterns. Have you noticed any?

The solar system
The coolest facts we’re sure you didn’t know about the solar system.

Editor: Andrea Vermaak
ISBN: 9772224144204-00603
Genre: Children’s Magazine
Ages: 8-15


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