Supernova magazine vol 11.6


You can order a copy of your favourite mag for Curious Kids! Supernova Magazine Vol 11.6 has fun articles and crafts for you in this latest issue!

Featured in this issue:

  • Crocodiles
  • Land Art
  • Deadly Jobs
  • Women of art
  • Capybaras

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Supernova is back with volume 11.6, just in time for the holidays! Get trapped in the fascinating stories of crocodiles and their habitats, the history of a lightbulb, and dangerous jobs around the world. Unravel the secrets to how our brain and gut is connected and try our delicious gut smoothie that will improve your digestive system in no time. All that and much more exciting content is waiting for you in volume 11.6.

Happy reading and stay curious kids!


Title: Supernova magazine vol 11.6
Issue number: 66
Published by: BK Publishing (pty) ltd
Editor: Benoit Knox
ISBN: 9772224144204-23066
Genre: Children’s Magazine
Ages: 8-15 (tweens)
Year 2023
Pages: 48 pages
Contributors: Andrea Vermaak

Danica Potgieter

Sulé Potgieter

Alexander Botha-Green

Elaine Carr

Chanel Roux

Xolani Mokoenene

Edward Allemann

Dylan Fouché

Alexa Simon

Lizé Behrens

Sinekhaya Fikeni

Vicki Venter

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