Supernova magazine vol 11.2


You can order a copy of your favourite mag for Curious Kids! Supernova Magazine Vol 11.2 has fun articles and games for you in this latest issue!

Featured in this issue:

  • Sharks
  • Dinosaurs
  • Puzzle boxes
  • Sleep facts
  • The brain

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Starting off with a BANG, we have a look at the amazing and severely underrated great white shark. Did you know that they swallow their food without chewing?! While we find out more about these absolutely fascinating animals, we learn how to make a shark night light out of some recycled materials!

This time around, the Pinboard is vibrating with some exciting articles! Firstly, we ask Jules why we yawn, and we learn how Poland has started using glow-in-the-dark paths in their streets for bicycles and pedestrians. We meet a Super Kid named Alakhe, learn about a funny little creature called the echidna, and we get another super exciting book review from our resident reviewer, Danica. When you read the Culture Corner, you’ll understand how there are so many different ways of greeting someone around the world. For our little musical geniuses and enthusiasts, we have an article about the father of the symphony, Joseph Haydn!

If you like doing puzzles and solving difficult problems, the History of Puzzle Boxes is absolutely perfect for you! Diving into the Tech Talk, we learn all about the vast expanse of the Metaverse. If you like learning about X-rays and the bones in our bodies, you’ll love reading our interview with Bianca, a real life radiographer. Moving on to something a little bit funkier, we have a look at nail artists going to the extreme with their nail designs!

Andy takes us on a trip to the tropical Mozambique, where we learn about Vasco da Gama and dugongs! You’d better get ready for our sensational sleep facts in Life, the Universe and Everything! Speaking of sleeping, our bedrooms play a massive role in the quality of sleep we get, and the PhotoFeed is all about bedrooms around the world this time.

Going back in time (like WAY back), we meet some of the deadliest dinosaurs to ever exist. Moving on, we learn how our brains work and how much the left and right sides of the brain differ from each other. While we’re on the topic of talent, why not try out archery and see if you have a talent for hitting the bullseye of a target? Learn how you can shoot like a pro by reading our Get Active article. Lastly, Candice chats with us about letting our light shine in Conversations with Candice. This beautiful lesson will most definitely help you learn to love and accept what makes you different from other kids.

Stay curious, Kids!

Title: Supernova magazine vol 11.2
Issue number: 62
Published by: BK Publishing (pty) ltd
Editor: Benoit Knox
ISBN: 9772224144204-23362
Genre: Children’s Magazine
Ages: 8-15 (tweens)
Year 2023
Pages: 48 pages
Contributors: Kai Neilson

Andrea Vermaak

Sulé Potgieter

Alexander Botha-Green

Elaine Carr

Chanel Roux

Leon Loubser

Xolani Mokoenene

Jessica Nkuna

Su-Mia Hoffman

Edward Allemann

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