Sappi Birds of South Africa


Briza Publications has revolutionised birding. Sappi Birds of South Africa by Saartjie Kidson and Herman van Niekerk perfectly combines presentation and format with Callfinder® technology.


Professionals and novices alike are ecstatic about Sappi Birds of South Africa and the portable, user-friendly Callfinder® that unlocks sound from the pictures. Practical and logical grouping, interesting facts and user-friendly features make this publication a must for any nature lover.

Special features:

  • Callfinder® ready
  • Includes more than 720 bird species
  • Quick identification through Shapefinder, Callfinder®, and Dualdex
  • More than 800 quality images
  • Interesting and unusual facts for each species

Authors: Saartjie Kidson, Herman van Niekerk
ISBN (ENG): 9781920217334
Extent: 320 pages
Format: 168 x 240mm

Integra-bind cover with full-colour photographs and images

Additional information


Afrikaans, English


Book only, Package with Callfinder device

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