Sappi Birds of South Africa Enhanced Edition


Embrace the spirit of exploration, connect with nature, and elevate your birdwatching adventures with the new enhanced edition of Sappi Birds of South Africa.

Sappi Birds of South Africa by Saartjie Kidson and Herman van Niekerk perfectly combines presentation and format with Callfinder® technology.

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Professionals and novices alike are ecstatic about Sappi Birds of South Africa and the portable, user-friendly Callfinder® that unlocks sound from the pictures. Practical and logical grouping, interesting facts and user-friendly features make this publication a must for any nature lover.

Special features include:

  • Callfinder® ready
  • More than 728 bird species from South Africa’s mainland
  • Quick identification through Shapefinder, Callfinder®, and Dualdex
  • More than 800 quality images
  • Interesting and unusual facts for each species
  • Callfinder® companion app
  • Featuring updated scientific names, distribution maps, and fascinating facts, ensuring you stay informed about South Africa’s birdlife

Authors: Saartjie Kidson, Herman van Niekerk
ISBN (ENG): 9780639757841
ISBN (AFRI): 9780639757834
322 pages
Format: 168 x 240mm

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Afrikaans, English


Book only, Package with Callfinder device, Callfinder Soundfile

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