A Girl from Mpopoma by Thuba Sibanda


A girl from Mpopoma is a non-chronological and very human account of Thuba Sibanda’s journey growing up in a traditional African home, navigating loss and negotiating different kinds of skies to eventually finding her ikigai (reason for being).

It is a reflection on her improbable journey from the township of Mpopoma (Zimbabwe), where she grew up eating grasshoppers and playing football in the dirt patch behind her home, to being admitted to the FIFA Master-International Master in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport, to now working as a FIFA women’s football technical expert.

It is a relatable account of a near-impossible dream, birthed under tower light fumes, and enriched by scars, unexpected relationships and experiences garnered from all over the world.

Thuba hopes through this book, to inspire any little girl and boy, wondering about purposes and dreams and the future. She hopes through her story to give them reason to believe in a future they can create for themselves, a different reality from what they are currently surrounded by.

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About the author

Thubaelihle Sibanda is a Zimbabwean born, Namibian-based, football coach and sport management consultant working with women’s football development programs and grassroots sport oganisations in Africa and worldwide to deliver multi-dimensional interventions. Thuba, as she is affectionately known, has for 4 years been the programme director of Physically Active Youth (P.A.Y) Namibia, working in marginalised and impoverished communities of Namibia, using the transformative and undeniable power of sport as a drawcard to change lives. Her work is inspired by her own life’s story which influenced her drive to use sport as a tool to build communities that are places of hope, where potential is unearthed and dreamed defined and found. She is no stranger to the domestic circumstances and external environment most of her beneficiaries at P.A.Y find themselves at, and this is what has inspired her to per her first memoir: A girl from Mpopoma

Author: Thuba Sibanda
ISBN: 978-0-796-11623-9
Genre: Non-fiction
Ages: 12 and up
Languages English
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