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Lourens Erasmus was born in Thabazimbi and matriculated in 1987. He grew up on a farm where he fell in love with football after he was introduced to the game by one of the farm workers’ sons who went on to become his lifelong best friend. He has been involved in the game as a player, coach and administrator throughout his life. Lourens is the author of two books, Soccer Farm and Yellow Nation. He holds a diploma in Security Management and works as a Risk Consultant and Workplace Investigator and is also involved with skills development. He became an ardent Mamelodi Sundowns supporter in 1989 and developed a huge love for the club over the years. He currently lives with his family in Pretoria and enjoys reading and writing.

Author Lourens Erasmus

Published books 

Soccer farm - Lourens Erasmus

Soccer Farm

Released 2014

The story of Lourens, the white son of an Afrikaner farmer and his lifelong friend, Bareng, the son of a farm worker and how their love for soccer brought their communities together, during the height of apartheid. The story is about friendship and how living a dream together can overcome even the largest obstacles. it also shows how sport and especially the beautiful game of soccer can bring people from different backgrounds together.

Yellow Nation by Lourens Erasmus

Yellow Nation

Available now

Not long after the events on Soccer Farm, Lourens’ family is forced by the Apartheid regime to sell the farm. What follows are many tumultuous years during which Lourens has to deal with a society where people are judged on the colour of their skin rather than their character, even after the dawn of democracy. 

But being part of the Sundowns family is like a compass during his journey and it plays a positive role in his life. Through many exciting incidents and experiences the uniting and healing powers of football comes to the fore. For him there is only one nation… The Yellow Nation!

Soccer Farm is as good a parable of our nation as one could wish to read – pain infused with humanity, warmth, humour and an indomitable desire to transcend discrimination.
Madiba would have been proud.

Dr Robin Petersen


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