Supernova magazine Vol 9.6


You can order a copy of your favourite mag for Curious Kids! Supernova magazine Vol. 9.6 has fun articles and games for you in this latest issue!

Featured in this issue:

  • The New 7 Wonders of Nature
  • The Sterkfontein Caves
  • Would you like fries with that?
  • Selfies from Mars
  • Schoolyard Games Part 2

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Title: Supernova magazine vol 9.6
Issue number: 54
Published by: BK Publishing (pty) ltd
Editor: Benoit Knox
ISBN: 9772224144204-00903
Genre: Children’s Magazine
Ages: 8-15 (tweens)
Year 2021
Pages: 52 pages
Contributors: Su-Mia Hoffmann

Nikita Abreu

Meaghan Koen

Caitlin Brown

Madelein Myburgh


Andrea Vermaak

Sawleha Vally

Sabrina King

Maya LeMaitre

Iain Campbell

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