Supernova magazine vol 11.3


You can order a copy of your favourite mag for Curious Kids! Supernova Magazine Vol 11.3 has fun articles and games for you in this latest issue!

Featured in this issue:

  • Endangered species in South Africa
  • Glaciers
  • Shakespeare
  • The titanic
  • Boeresport

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Taking a broad, overall look at this issue of Supernova, there’s one theme that stands out quite strongly to me – survival! In our first big article of this issue, you’ll read about the huge battle that we face in ensuring the survival of the endangered animals in our beautiful country. It’s important to make sure that these threatened species are around for future generations to enjoy, but also because they play a huge part in the delicate balance of our ecosystem! Then, you’ll read about the historical sinking of the most famous ship ever – the Titanic. On the night it sank, 2 200 people fought for their survival in the freezing cold Atlanic Ocean. You’ll also learn all about glaciers, why they are so amazing, and why they are so important. It’s predicted that almost 70% of glaciers will have melted by 2100, which could be a huge threat to our oceans. But, from all of these topics, we can also learn that there is always something worth fighting for. And that fighting for the things we believe is key! We can inspire others, bring about change, and have a ripple effect on the world around us. And that’s what Supernova is all about. Happy reading and stay curious, kids!

Title: Supernova magazine vol 11.3
Issue number: 63
Published by: BK Publishing (pty) ltd
Editor: Benoit Knox
ISBN: 9772224144204-23063
Genre: Children’s Magazine
Ages: 8-15 (tweens)
Year 2023
Pages: 48 pages
Contributors: Andrea Vermaak

Sulé Potgieter

Alexander Botha-Green

Elaine Carr

Chanel Roux

Xolani Mokoenene

Edward Allemann

Danica Potgieter

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