Supernova 9.1

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Issue 49, Volume 9.1 of Supernova introduces the new six-issue volume with an original theme: Society and people. The focus of SN has always been on nature, science, sports, etc. and, while this issue contains SN’s popular regular themes, it delves into new territory. The known and popular Big Picture showcases nature in a striking photograph, while Ant’s Eco Adventures diverts from its usual local territory to explore Australia and to report on the current bushfires causing havoc down under. It’s a poignant reportage of current events treated with delicacy and respect to inform and educate, but also to appeal to our young readers through beautiful illustrations of the landscape’s unique species.

In keeping with our theme for this issue, Photo Feed and Life, the Universe and Everything are urban-themed with captivating urban photographs and fun and comical illustrations. Pro-files introduces us to the world of art through the eyes of Nes. The first article in the new series, exclusive to Volume 6, Money Whiz, kicks off the financial literacy series with the question ‘Why do we count on currency?’. Kids of all ages will love engaging with the activity. Tech Talk informs on an odd and interesting technological occurrence, this time related to DNA and music, while Ask It interviews a much-beloved object, the rugby ball. Our features break away from the usual by showcasing a mesmerising collage of SA’s local cities, each city is given its own character and the opening page is a visual buffet of familiar SA landmarks. Daily Bread gives us Food for Thought shares an array of artistic photographs that communicate an important message to today’s kids, namely healthy/unhealthy eating habits. The Chatroom brings this theme home when our readers comment on their own diets and interesting family food habits. Next up is Get Active with a twist. SN doesn’t only cover a sport, but also interviews an interesting rising star in the world of skateboarding. The edgy layout pays homage to the world of skateboarding. The Chillzone is a collector’s dream! In this volume, posters of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will fill this space. Readers can collect all six in the volume.  

Lastly, Highlights Hidden Pictures is fresh, now with a white-on-black version and, once again, The Pinboard engages with readers on a more personal level as young artists showcase their art and kids talk about their experiences at Marakele Nature Reserve. Our comics are engaging and interactive and finish off the first issue of Volume 9.

Editorial: Benoit Knox, Saskia Brits and Alexander Moolman
ISBN: 9772224144204-00901
Genre: Children’s Magazine
Ages: 8-15


Supernova, the mag for curious kids is an educational magazine, targeted at children between the ages of 9 and 14. This bi-monthly publication aims to make children aware of issues which affect them, their community and the environment, by giving them tools and inspiration to become active and responsible world citizens.