Success through Jesus by Lizo Mandlendoda


The author takes us from the poverty-stricken town of Lady Grey, South Africa, at the foothills of the Lesotho mountains, through his vision fueled by the desire to make a difference for his community through farming innovations. He recounts challenges such as the infamous Cape drought and the Covid-19 pandemic that spelled disaster many farmers. Having a very close relationship with God built over years of early morning devotionals and meditation, he looked not so much at the trials and tribulations that were looming, but on the promises of grace, favour and abundance. His story is therefore, a story of overcoming, and of resilience; of God expanding his territory from one farm to multiple farms that are a showcase of the success one can attain when one walks with Jesus.


About the author:

Born in the Eastern Cape, Mr Lizo Mandlendoda, popularly known as Mr. Mandla and having earned the
title ‘the King of Agriculture’, is an entrepreneur who has dedicated his life and career to alleviating poverty
in his community, country and the world through farming innovations. A man shaped by his faith, a great
role model in his father, and the military, Mr. Mandla has built an agribusiness empire through DICLA
Training and Projects. With accreditation by 13 SETAs and specialized training in all sectors, serving local
government and the mining industry among others, Mr. Mandla is attaining his vision one young farmer at
a time.

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