Sleep Tight Bush Baby


Rest your body, rest your head,

get comfy in your bed.

Wild babies are all fast asleep,

so, shhh! Don’t make a peep!


Available in Afrikaans.



Sleep Tight Bush Baby is a sleep-time story that shows children a cute collection of baby animals and where or how they sleep, with each page featuring a new animal and providing a cute rhyme. The book is designed to gently bring a child to rest and help them to fall asleep.

Written and illustrated over many nights by the founder of BK Publishing, Benoit, to help his toddler fall asleep while reinforcing a love for nature and animals.
With thick board pages, your child can page though the book themselves, and quickly your bush baby will be fast asleep!

Author: Benoit Knox
ISBN: 978-0-620-96080-9
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Ages: 1-6
Languages English and Afrikaans
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