Gardening is Fun


In Gardening is Fun, respected horticulturist KEITH KIRSTEN and environment education specialist LYNN HURRY have combined many years of experience to produce a book that will encourage young ‘and old’ to explore the pleasures of gardening. Their message, conveyed by means of simple text and lively, colourful illustrations, is that gardening can be fun, easy and inexpensive, and that you certainly do not need a large garden to enjoy the benefits.

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A leading South African guide for young gardeners!

To respect environment in the broad sense, we must first develop a respect for our own environment – the living world of plants and small wildlife that surrounds us in our homes and gardens. Growing plants is one of the most fundamental ways in which we can introduce our children to the wonder and magic of the natural environment. It is also one of the most accessible, as all children, regardless of financial, geographical or social circumstances, can try their hand at it, even if their gardening efforts are limited to nurturing a few tomato seeds in a tin on the window sill.

Gardening is Fun abounds with practical suggestions on how to grow plants, interspersed with down-to-earth ecological information aimed at fostering an environmentally-friendly approach to gardening. The content includes, among others, chapters on:

  • Garden habitats
  • Hints for green-finger gardening
  • Growing vegetables
  • Your garden – a wildlife sanctuary
  • Managing problems

Ian Lusted’s detailed, humorous illustrations not only support the text, but are entertaining in their own right, adding a further dimension to the enjoyment of this book.

Authors: Lynn Hurry, Keith Kirsten and Illustrations by Ian Lusted
ISBN: 9781875093816
Extent: 72 pages
Format: A4, Soft cover

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