Creating Your Champion Team

This is the definitive book if you want the skills and mindset you need to Create Your Champion Team. With a life-time of experience working with High-performance teams, Henning will lead you and your team to:

  • Create an inspiring dream.
  • Instill a culture of family.
  • Adopt champion beliefs, values, standards, habits and actions.
  • Achieve peak performance and flow.



This books follows in the legacy of Henning’s Gericke’s previous books: The Way of the Stone Cutter a groundbreaking follow-up to his bestselling debut, and Inspiring Champions. In Creating Your Champion, Gericke tackles how teams are built and crafted, rather than individuals. Champion teams are his passion.

Author: Henning Gericke
ISBN: 9780620830423
Genre: Psychology
Ages: Adult; Young Adult

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