Tales under the Baobab Tree: Better Together by Cela and Ronnie Rootz


When Hannah visits the picturesque African country of Ubuntu, grandfather Roots tells her a tale she will never forget. In this tale, a little girl named Sahara teaches us the value of hard work, perseverance and working with the spirit of Jesus. Sahara and her very small hoe prove that we are better together.

This is Book One of the Under the Baobab Tree series.

Cela and Ronnie Rootz write for children and their families to help them better understand what is going on in the world around them. They want children to learn that they can make a difference right where they are, no matter their age. They work in Southern Africa by walking alongside communities to help them find real long-term solutions to their challenges, while at the same time aiming to reduce the dependency mentality and how children and their families that they can lean on God as they realise their God-given potential.

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