Supernova magazine volume 7 set


A collection of the latest Supernova volumes to add to your bookshelves.

Black Eagles, Tidal Pools, African Wild Dogs, Giraffes, Spiders and Otters.

Also in these magazines…

  • Energy: kinetic energy, potential energy, and renewable and non-renewable resources;
  • Activities: make a wind turbine, learn about the sound wave, decipher a code;
  • The illustrator of Kwezi comics and how he draws
  • Edible insects – should we?
  • The colour blue;
  • All about the megladon;
  • Should we contact un-contacted and remote people groups?
  • How to make mosaic plates;

There’s so much more to unpack and discover inside a Supernova!

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The Volume 7 set collection contains:

  • Volume 7.1 (Black Eagles)
  • Volume 7.2 (Tidal Pools)
  • Volume 7.3 (African Wild Dogs)
  • Volume 7.4 (Giraffes)
  • Volume 7.5 (Spiders)
  • Volume 7.6 (Otters)

Additional information

Dimensions 19,5 × 27 cm


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