Supernova magazine volume 9 set


Don’t forget to grab your favourite magazine in the universe!

Supernova Vol. 9 boxset has everything great!

Learn all about the world of shells before you head to the beach, and read about the cool inventions the youth are making to save the ocean from plastic.

…and that’s just the stuff we can remember off the top of our heads. There’s so much more to unpack and discover inside Supernova!


Read about the Australian bushfires and the fight to save the animals. And explore all the amazing local cities in Vol 9.1!

All you need to know about the fancy work of feathers and the origins of red in our 50th issue!

We take you along on extreme holidays and discovery all about Queen Nefertiti in Vol 9.3.

Discover the different ways that wild looks after their babies. Visit the Owl House and discover what makes this house so unique, in Vol 9.4.

Browse through some of Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions, and go on a wild adventure as you read about the daring tales of explorers, in Vol 9.5.

Read all of Supernova’s 6 latest magazines at once!

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