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Supernova 3.5

Secrets of the Amazon, Emotional brain, Dragons, Whirling Dervishes, Peteca, South African hedgehogs, The kid’s cave

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Author:Andrea Vermaak
Genre:Children's Magazine


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Hi SuperKids!

Winter is in full-swing, but just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that your brain needs to freeze over. Keep your cogs turning by turning the pages of your favourite kids’ mag, Supernova!

Who says you can’t have an adventure while curled up in a blankie? Grab your binoculars and hiking boots, and bushwhack your way through the Amazon Rainforest to discover its weird and wonderful secrets. You could even don some armour to fight fierce mythical dragons across the world. Let your imagination run wild!

If you prefer staying in, you could flex those brain muscles with some Brain Games, or release your creativity by adding a few personal touches to your bedroom. You could even make your own hedgehog pencil holder and dragon puppet!

There is so much to discover and do, winter need never be boring again with a copy of ‘Supernova’ on hand!

Keep cosy and stay curious!

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Dimensions 19.5 × 27 cm