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Supernova 2.6

In this issue:

  • San rock art
  • The human heart
  • Meteoroids
  • What’s in a name?
  • Cheer leading
  • Wading through wetlands
  • Blood donation



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I recently watched two amazing superhero movies – Man of Steel and Wolverine. They had me thinking about what it means to be a real life hero. Nelson Mandela immediately came to mind. This first democratic president of South Africa and Nobel Peace Prize winner fought for what he believed in to save his people from oppression. He also showed a nation what it means to truly forgive – a simple, yet significant gift.

Another simple gift that could mean life for someone is the gift of a blood donation. Most of you aren’t old enough yet to donate blood, but it is important to understand how important blood donations are so that when you are old enough, you may consider giving this gift of life, perhaps even on Nelson Mandela Day in a few years time!

Speaking of gifts and birthdays – can you believe that Supernova is now a whole two years old! Yes, your favourite magazine has been bursting with exciting stuff since 2011! That’s why we called our mag Supernova – just like a real supernova, we are exploding with awesomeness!

So, here is to another year of being a SuperKid – fighting for truth, showing kindness to others and, of course, staying curious!

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Dimensions 19.5 × 27 cm
Editor: Andrea Vermaak
ISBN: 9772224144204-00206
Genre: Children’s Magazine
Ages: 9-14