STEPi Book Bundle


This is a collection of A Boy Named Justice, Crash Boom Splash, Amani the Boda Boda Rider and 100 Stories.

100 stories by Paul Sutherland

Feel the love, comfort, security, and happiness that radiates from the pages as you follow along the survival tale of a lion and snake who venture across the savannah only to find their forever family, sharing time together and telling imagination stories.

Crash Boom Splash

Crash Boom Splash is a delightful book about tolerance. TWJ sets of children who look different discover the positive virtues of love, friendship, respect, and connection that form the foundation for a lasting friendship.

Amani: The Boda-Boda Rider

This illustrated story book is an adventure tale of an African girl child who dares to dream: transcending societal norms, expectations, and restrictions, she ultimately becomes a successful female, commercial boda-boda rider.

A boy named Justice

This book brings light to an important message about courage, and how to stand for justice by practicing values, virtues and love. Inspired by the many world heroes who have stood up for justice - like Nelson Mandela, Malala, and many others.

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