Parenting with love by Paul Sutherland


Today, South Africa is a vibrant quilt of cultures, traditions, races, tribes, religions, and beliefs. Two things all South Africans can agree on is that children are important, and children are the future. This simple booklet has been designed to guide parents, caregivers, teachers, and clergy with tools and understanding so that our children can thrive now and into adulthood. Simply, parenting takes work; it is a skill that can be learned and developed through reading, classes, observation, experience, and study. This booklet is meant to be a brief introduction to parenting to help us build a strong, resilient and loving world for all children regardless of their faith, tribe, colour, race, language, abilities, place of birth, or learning styles.

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Paul H. Sutherland is a successful financial advisor and businessman. He is the Founder of both the Utopia Foundation and STEPi. He has published many children’s books which have an important societal message and encourage love and happiness. He has travelled all around the world encouraging the love of books and reading, and helping those in need.

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