Premium Henning Gericke Book Bundle

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This is the ultimate bundle to create a complete collection of titles from Henning Gericke, former Springboks Team Psychologist. Gericke will help you to transform your life beyond the mundane by tapping into your inner champion. This bundle includes all of Gericke’s titles:

Each of these books will take you on a journey to inspire first yourself, and then others. It’s a perfect gift for team leaders, coaches, parents and business leaders.

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This is the ultimate book bundle for the Champion that is within you. This bundle combines Henning Gericke’s ground-breaking experiences of empowering others and creating winning habits in Inspiring Champions and his bestselling follow-up book, The Way of the Stonecutter (teaching you to embrace the secrets of your mind and live the ubuntu principles) with Creating your Champion Team. Use what you have learned from Inspiring the Champion within you to create a team of Champions around you. This is a wonderful gift for business team leaders, sports coaches and teachers, but can be used by anyone.

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