Highlights High Five™ magazine vol. 1 box set

Volume 1 Box Set Collection

Highlights High Five is the perfect magazine for pre-school aged children. It sets the stage for a lifelong love of reading. This set is the perfect way to start reading aloud to your toddler, while teaching them that some books can’t go in the bath (or someone’s mouth!) and some fun stickers too!

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Highlights High Five™ volume 1 box set collection.

This box set includes all 6 Highlights High Five™ magazines:

  • Volume 1.1: Let’s go! (Look at the hippos, Hidden Pictures with stickers!)
  • Volume 1.2: Here we go! (Hunt for shapes, Be a weather reporter)
  • Volume 1.3: Look at this! (Watch a Seed Change, The Quilt That Grandma Made)
  • Volume 1.4: Join in! (Saying thanks, Welcome to Pre-K, Two)
  • Volume 1.5: Follow me! (Bend and stretch, Construction Site)
  • Volume 1.6: Play Along! (Dance like a duck, Up and Down)