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At PEP Academy, we believe that children should have fun while they learn . This brand new educational activity book celebrates fun learning and takes you and your child on an exciting educational adventure. Each story and article is followed by fun and interactive activities. Some of these activities test whether your child understood what they read, while others encourage creativity and the development of language and mathematic skills.

Whether the child is reading through a story, completing an activity or simply looking at a picture, we’ve made sure that the design of the booklet is inclusive and is relatable to kids from all backgrounds and cultures. educational journey!

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Our activity book is filled with discovery and thrills for you to enjoy with your children at home. We’ve selected two exciting short stories, a hand-illustrated comic and two informative, educational articles that facilitate learning and improve literacy skills. Each story teaches your child strong values such as courage, bravery, determination, teamwork, and the importance of following your dreams. Each story and article is followed by fun and interactive activities.


Title: PEP Family Fun Activity Book – Out of this world
Produced by: BK Publishing (pty) ltd
Editor: Chanté Vorster
ISBN: 978-0-620-96947-5
Genre: Children’s Activity Book
Ages: 6+
Year 2021
Pages: 72 pages
Contributors: Supernova – the mag for curious kids

Read Educational Trust

Benoit Knox

Rhys ap Gwyn

Joan Rankin

Joshua Neilson

Chanté Vorster

Su-Mia Hoffmann

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