Champions Bundle

Create your Champion Team with the secrets of your mind unlocked by the words of un-locker of potential, Henning Gericke. This bundle includes Gericke’s newest title, Creating your Champion Team, and Gericke’s slimmest but most impactful title, The Way of the Stonecutter, to create a powerful package that will help you to inspire and transform your life and the lives of others.



This bundle combines Henning Gericke’s ground-breaking experiences of empowering others and creating winning habits in Creating your Champion Team with his bestselling follow-up book, The Way of the Stonecutter. The Way of the Stonecutter will teach you to to embrace the secrets of your mind and live the Ubuntu principles. This powerful combination will empower you to both inspire others and expand your own life.

Champions Series:

  • Inspiring Champions: Reflect and Act Quotes Book

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