Azania’s Secrets by Tshepo Baloyi


Secrets always have a way of coming out. 

This book is the journey of a young girl’s becoming! Through these very pages, you will encounter the wretched experience of being a mixed race female in post-apartheid South Africa. The chronicles of Azania, follows how she throws her love at men like broken bottles, as if the only way to feel is to be cut. Tebogo, fails to control his anger in his fists, as though a sharp object is biting into his skin. And Neo, whose sexual appetite is explosive like a match box’s last hope. Azania’s Secrets is a story filled with unexpected wittiness, romance and raw,uncensored sensuality. This is Azania’s heart in your hands, this is the hurting, the loving, the breaking and the healing. May you enjoy this journey of reading – just as I did. – Keoratile Ngobeni

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Azania's secrets by Tshepo Baloyi, is available now. This book expresses exactly the kind of person that Tshepo is. She has a feisty attitude that you hate to love, a character that is determined, strong-willed and confident. Tshepo does not exist for the comfort of men, she exists on behalf of all females that cease to exist because of toxic masculinity and the toxic spaces created by the misogynistic world we live in. Join along on this journey of Azania as she discovers herself.

Author: Tshepo Baloyi
ISBN: 978-0-620-87212-6
Genre: Novel
Ages: Adult; Young Adult
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